Friday, October 10, 2003

Breaking my own rules

I promised myself I wouldn't write more than once a day if I could help it. But I can't. Tonight while I was shelving books, a customer kept clearing their throat, as if they would spit something very large and painful up. It was SOOO loud, I can't even tell you. One of my co-workers said something that is soo true.

"Isn't it amazing what we'll put up with from the customers? If that was one of us (the staff) we'd be telling them to cut it out!"

My manager laughed and agreed. I said "should we do something?" and she in her hilarious, southern-charm way smiled and said "No, I think nature will run its course". I laughed out loud!

But this has made me realize that we DO put up with a lot of stuff from the patrons, stuff that we wouldn't put up with from our partners, friends, relatives, etc. Because it is a publicly funded entity, everyone has a right to be there, that I am not denying. But much loogie hacking do we need to hear? Common decency.

Now I have been accused of being a bit grandmotherly, and I do fantasize about being a librarian in a Cabot Cove like setting. Perhaps my moral and ethical standards make Emily Post look like a scrubber, but then again maybe not. I just think that the customers should give as much respect as they library gives more respect to the patrons then you can imagine!

Perhaps I'll write a book on library ettiquette....or maybe I'll do my homework. hmmm.

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