Thursday, October 23, 2003


OK, its not so bad. It looks kind of cute. I don't mind that I look like a post WWII comic book character. In fact I think its kind of charming.

Makes me realize that the librarian of today is not stereotypical in any sense of the word, as far as appearance. I've already recounted some of them from my past that have bore a striking resemblance to any good SNL parody. This new coif works for me. Rather, I make it work. It makes me look really innocent, and naive. I'm not. Im naughty. In fact tonight I am going out to booze it up with some fellow librarians-to-be.

My boyfriend is going to be in Chicago all weekend, so I figure I can whoop it up tonight, and then settle down and get all my homework done in my quiet, and utterly charming northside townhome. Yes, townhome. OK, enough of my domestic enthusiasm.

I have one more class to go before my day is over. Then I get to have a drinky or two. Only I haven't eaten anything yet today. Yes, I am svelte. No need to ponder that, how else could I rock this TinTin trim?

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