Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm so embarrassed.

This morning when I sat down to check my e-mail, I got a letter from my advisor, whom I mentioned yesterday. She wrote to tell me that because I am such a good student, and because she is my advisor, that she wanted to go over my test results with me to see why I did so poorly.

This was after a letter that she had sent out to the entire listserv of my class, explaining her grading - apparently a lot of people did REALLY bad. The fact that she singled me out made me feel like a naughty son, being pulled aside by his mother. I adore her for doing it, but I still feel really awkward. I wrote back to her and told her that a meeting was unnecessary, and that I was going back in and looking up the answers I got wrong on (which I am), and striving to do better. I have never in all my years of college (well only 4 Undergrad years) written a letter of remorse to my professor/advisor over a less than perfect test grade! We all have to have a person that watches out for us. I have one. My advisor. She's awesome.

It reminds me of when I first started at my first job as a cataloger for an auction house. It was a small house, and they had just brought in 4 estates off the truck. Being the prissy, glitteratti white shirt and BR trousers boy that I am, didn't think that I needed to help unload the packages. I figured thats what the hired hands did. I didn't know my soft, manicured hands were supposed to dig through the boxes before I cataloged them. When the Auctioneer came up to me in the back and asked what I was doing, I told him "I'm waiting for the boxes to be unpacked" I worked for Phillips or Christies. He told me they wouldn't unpack themselves, and I needed to have the contents cataloged in the next two days, for the upcoming preview auction night.

Is such a delicate flower ready for the rough profession of cataloging? Will I get that job at Sotheby's and Pavlovianly upack the boxes when I see the truck pulling up to the dock? More importantly, what will I wear on my first day? I'm thinking a chocolate four button two piece with high lapels, a pocket sqaure, a Burberry tie, and the unquestionably fashionable black Prada loafers with the matching belt.

Maybe I really should be working on that studying for that mid-term next Wednesday...I don't think I can handle the guilt if this professor writes to me too....

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