Tuesday, October 21, 2003


So I write in this almost everyday now, and still have offered up no real reasons as to why I want to move into this field of Library Science. I was thinking about it more this morning, and decided it was a good enough topic to spill today.

So, in order of their appearances in my life, MY INFLUENCES:

1) Miss D******. She was my elementary school librarian. She was always wearing turtleneck sweaters and cords. Her hair was shorter than any of the boys, (Do I detect one of the Seven Sister colleges? hmmmm) and she wore little gold earrings. She was the one that convinced my parents & teachers that I deserved a pass to the high school library once a week to get books to read. Thank you.

2)Mrs. B*****. Middle school librarian. Very traditional, down to the long skirts, bun in the hair, and horn rimmed glasses (you go girl, this was the late 80's). She was giving, and maintained one of the most efficient, and well organized libraries. She tought me being quiet in a library was important (maybe its not SOOO important).

3)Mrs. L****. High School Librarian. Again, turtlenecks and cords, but she was awesome, and perhaps one of the biggest influences. I was the kid voted most likely to be found in a library. I used to get passes to go down to the library, and I was naughty. I would wait for her to get up, and sit behind her desk, and type into her computer. She never let me sit there though for some reason. I also loved it when we got laser technology to scan books out. I would "Charlies Angels" with the laser gun. OK, maybe this just taught me that I was pretty darn gay. I learned to love the atmosphere and realized that it was because of the librarian that I loved spending my free time there.


4)Leslie C***, my first corporate job, and she was my boss. She is THE biggest influence on me. Not only is she well dressed, well spoken, and funny - but she knew EVERYTHING. If she didn't know the answer and its reference point, she knew how to get it. She impresses (to this day) the hell out of me. Corporate, tasteful, I dare say glam, sassy, and efficient. She encouraged me to go to library school, wrote one of the most glowing letters of recommendation I've ever received, and best of all, we became friends outside of the office. I strive to achieve her perfection. And to aquire a similar wardrobe... only in Mens.

In true Oscars Thanking format, I would also like to thank my Mom, both Grandmas, my now deceased Undergrad advisor.

Currently, my mentor/advisor is one of the best influences. She is a cataloguer, and she talks the talk with such impressive ease. She is sweet, smart, and funny. And she doesn't read this site, so I can say all those things without feeling awkward.

Who knows where I will be in 5 years, let alone 10. I would even settle for this life. OK, Im kidding about that, but I have never been so in the now, and not planning ahead.

I know I have to take all of this day by day, and after last night's escapade at the library with an even dirtier version of Anna Nicole Smith, I sometimes wonder if this is right, or if maybe I should have been a Botanist. But who ever heard of a hotsy totsy botanist? At least I'll always know that people fetishize over me.

I'll blog more about faux Anna Nicole later.

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