Friday, October 17, 2003

Oral Presentation

The fact that I have linked Dan Savage's column, and used this as a topic today are purely coincidental. But yes, librarians do have sex. Especially the cute ones. OK, maybe thats not true. You decide.

Last night was my "Presidential Libraries" oral presentation. My fabulous group of MB, SC, CH and me was pretty hilarious. We strayed from the traditional power point presentation, and opted to introduce the PL's by having the actual presidents give the talk. How you may ask? We printed out each of the 12 presidents faces (and Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan) on card stock, and put sticks on the back. When we presented we WERE the presidents. Needless to say, our class roared with laughter, which is good, and our professor told us it was an amazing presentation (which is great).

The class gasped when we presented the Ronald Reagan Library, because Ronnie did come up, but Nancy gave the presentation...all while Ronnie looked around the room, and wandered about. I'm glad we didn't decide to have Betty present for Gerald!

At any rate, this is the type of innovation that I am gearing myself for, none of this traditional stuff. I don't want to be a traditional librarian, and while my far flung fantasies of being a glamorous librarian are probably pretty off the mark, I will be tremendous in my field. Last night, CH and I were discussing how when we both got to where we want to be (myself = auction house land and CH = art & design curate) we want to do cross exhibitions, and benefit from the success of one another.

Speaking of traditional my professor ,who is a self-proclaimed Trekkie, brought in THE shushing librarian doll action figure (which for posterity sake will live forever in its packaging) and showed it to our class. It is hilarious, don't let anyone else tell you anything else! We librarians have an action figure! I'm still recovering from the fact that Barbie lost in the polls , and became something else (even though I have a tall, pretty blond girl in my class who for all practical purposes IS Librarian Barbie).

Librarians don't seem to make the news much. Libraries do, museums do, but not the actual librarians. Maybe if we were all pin-ups, it would make a difference. When I left my firm in Chicago, I was encouraged and advised to "sex it up", or in other words, "glamorize the profession". I am working hard to do this, I think wearing a French cuff shirt with art deco cufflinks, charcoal pinstripe trousers, black Steve Madden slip ons, and a light blue tie last night were just the way to start my mini-revolution.

According to some sources retirement will be opening a huge space in 2006 for us (the year after I graduate). This is when we can all jump on board and change the tide of libraries, maybe I can be the sexy, well clipped, dandy of a librarian I hope to be. Perhaps in 25 years, children will no longer be able to recall the librarian dressed in corduroys and the tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. Children will want to become librarians as badly as they want to be supermodels. We will be smart and sexy! Children will be librarians for Halloween - and people will mistake them for Hollywood glitteratti.

OK, so MAYBE all of this won't happen. But I still love the response I get when I tell people I'm a librarian! And ladies, the world won't stop until you prove that slingbacks ARE sensible shoes! And men, we don't get off the hook either. A little fragrance, a clean shave, that impeccable dimple in our ties, just enough cuff showing from out our sleeves, cufflinks if you dare, and DO NOT WEAR PLEATED TROUSERS. No matter how svelte we are they make us look like chubby hubby.

OK, I need to go moisturize before I start my day at the public library. All those dry books really pull the pink out of my cheeks.


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