Tuesday, October 07, 2003

This is my first go at this. What can I say, I felt that this segment of the market needed a voice. *laugh* Lots of interesting stories to tell, and I'm realizing that I am sort of crazy for doing this.

To start, I am 27, working towards my MLIS degree, and I am one of a few who hope to work in a Special Library. I am almost frowned upon by the leagues of people who have decided to become public librarians, thinking I am selling out for the corporate buck. I would be a public librarian too, only you can be arrested for smacking children with dictionaries, and you aren't allowed to shove homeless people off of reading couches when the sleep. I kind of like the black tie cocktail party option after work - call me crazy.

So, as I figure this all out, you can follow me on my trail of astonishment and excitement.

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