Saturday, October 11, 2003

This morning I was treated to a facial, thanks to Clinique. I thought that this would bring me back down to earth, and make me feel calm again. Then I remembered that I am no longer a corporate librarian, and having things like manicures, pedicures (dress code now states no open toed shoes, so that means my Kenneth Cole slides are collecting dust), and facials are no longer really necessities of the trade.

This reality check made me realize how hard I am going to have to work to get back to where I want to be. Mind you, I adore where I work. The people there are more than fabulous (ooh, yes, I used the F word), and tremendously kind. I have already been forwarned not to wear dress clothes to work, because they will be trashed. Kneeling and crawling around the kids department to pick up various puzzle pieces, stuffed animals and the assorted like just serve to destroy the knees of good trousers. Perhaps I will go to Sears and buy some toughskin double reinforced knee jeans! On second thought, I won't.

Can I be a fashionista working at a public library? Is this just another reason to strive towards the glittering world of coporate toil? I'd have to say yes to both. The gal who is incharge of several of the branch locations is stunning. She has the greatest bob haircut, a black wardrobe to make even a catholic sicilian widow weep, and good skin. She is still in the public domain. Could this be the factor that swings me to the public sector?

Tonight instead of watching movies, and eating junk I will be working on my paper for my oral presentation. Presidential Libraires. How fun.

ps Tonight I was able to help a patron. I am allowed to answer questions about book locations, if the patron has a call number. She asked me why she couldn't find the book, the computer said we had it. I looked it up, and the computer DID say we had a copy, only it was checked out. Amazing, people checking out books who can't read....

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