Thursday, October 09, 2003

Today I got back my midterm grade from my organization and information class, and I should note the instructor is my advisor. Lets just say that this bright undergraduate student, isn't such a bright graduate student. On the flip side of the coin, I also received my first big paper back, and received an A, with a "good" written in the margin.

My question is, how did I do so well as an Assistant Librarian in a corporate firm, and I feel like I am struggling with this grad program? This makes for very dull blog.

On a lighter note, I have just come home from my 3 hour and 40 minute Thursday night lecture on Foundations of Librarianship. That is one tough pill to swallow, but I have made it into an adventure. Outside of finding time to write my weekly grocery list, I have noticed things in the class room that amuse me. In the back rows, there is knitting instruction. There are students who are teachers grading papers, and other students doing crossword puzzles. Do you suppose this is a reflection of the teacher? Or is this the true spirit of the future librarian shining through?

My humiliation on the job front has grown. Yesterday, I was treated to my 8 week evaluation of shelving, and sorting. I actually mishelved an Edmund White book (one out of sequence), and put a book by John Gardener in the wrong order while sorting. I am not allowed to answer patron questions, such is the life of a page. The cool part about this system is that lots of the promotions are internal. Maybe in 3 more months, I'll be customer service. Having started at the bottom will just make me appreciate what I have even more.

Every time a patron comes up to me, and says do you know where the *fill in the blank* are, I have to walk them over to the Information desk, and hand them off to the reference staff. OH, how the mighty have fallen. I know its my job, and I love it, for the first time everyone I work with loves their job. Its refreshing to me. I had no reason to be embarrased, but never the less, I was.

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