Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well, some more interesting nonsense. I was an assistant corporate librarian in Chicago before I moved deeper into the midwest to persue my Masters degree. I am now working for a public library, as a page. I earn as much every month as I did every 1.5 days there. Its kind of crazy, but I am dealing with it. While shelving in the childrens section about 3 weeks ago, I overheard this coversation between two young girls, playing with rag dolls (that were life size):

Girl 1: Boo hooo, wahhhh, boo hoo
Girl 2: Girl, whats wrong with you?
Girl 1: My baby is dead....
Girl 2: MINE TOO!
Girl 1: Well, what should we do?
Girl 2: Let's take them to the hospital
And they walk over to the big couch in the kids section
Girl 1: Well, should we leave them here?
Girl 2: Mmmhmm (yes), Girl, you wanna go to lunch?

And they walked away! Made me wonder what exactly is going on in their worlds! At any rate, I am loving my public library experience despite the pay, and the insanity that I get to hear on the floor of the library. The head librarian/manager of my branch is a children's librarian. All I can say is that she has the patience of a saint!

Well, I am off to hand in my Web Reference Evaluation paper. I am hoping I did good. Sometimes I wonder if its all worth it....

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