Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Coming to a theatre Near YOU!

SO while shelving yesterday, I overheard two men talking. They went on and on and on, swapping "well, I was arrested AND had to go to court for this"..."well I was arrested TWICE for this, and ...." you get the picture

Then one guy says "hey check this out" and whips a video cassette out of his pocket. The other guy said "damn, where'd you get that at?" and he replies "theys sellin' em over to..blah blah blah. And this made me think of one thing. The scandalous Paris Hilton tape.

Now maybe its because I've gotten about 50 million SPAM's in the last week since the story broke, offering this delightful footage for a small price. Apparently, its made it onto VHS now. Sorry BETA geeks, you're gonna have to wait a while.
Now if this weren't good enough....Vagina Collage man is back.

Only now, he apparently has turned over a new leaf. He's been having the librarians help him with spelling, to avoid those costly mistakes made in advertising. Yes ADVERTISING.

He's starting a moving company. I found out yesterday that he already drives a big white van -very de rigeur for a mover. And apparently by chatting it up with the people at the reference desk he is finely tuning his people skills. I wonder if the vagina collage was actually just a prototype for his business card? Hmmmm. Maybe I'm onto something.

Aside from that, I'm sure his hand written, photocopied signs are about to bring in more business than he'll be able to shake a stick at. And I'm hoping even at that, he doesn't shake anything.

Today's valuable lesson is this: Public libraries foster all kinds of literacy. Not only do they excite people in a literary way, but also in a cinemagraphic way as well.

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