Thursday, November 06, 2003

Cut and Paste

I should be studying for my Foundations of Librarianship Final (that is today at 6pm), but instead I decided I had to share my latest public library experience, that I could have never had at the OCJ.

I was shelving CD's yesterday afternoon, and our local crack-head came in. This is the guy that comes in everyday, usually in slippers, and asks where the books on crack and cocaine are. Every day, we show him, and he reads them in the corner of the library. No problem. At least he's not smoking crack. Mind you, these books are juvenile non-fiction, so they are a pretty easy read, meant for book reports on addiction.

SO, as I'm shelving the latest CD by the Donna's, I notice that this guy is cutting up a magazine. With grown up scissors. I Jessica Fletcher style approach his table, and realize that its definately not one of our magazines...its a copy of Hustler.

Yep. Hustler. The big ghetto booty, bullet wound in the ass, strech marked porno magazine. I was shocked for several reasons:
a) I've never seen anyone actually looking at a Hustler magazine
b) I've never seen anyone actually looking at a Hustler magazine in a public library
c) I've never seen anyone actually cutting pictures out of a Hustler magazine

I serenly slipped back over to the circulation desk and tell the Customer Service guy. He tells me as long as he's not showing people the magazine, there is nothing we can do. Its a public library, and he has every right to be there. He's right. We can't do anything.

So I figure I'll go back and shelve somemore CD's. Then I felt bad for having any concern at all. He was just making a collage. Yes, a vagina collage. Here I was getting all worried, and he was just expressing his creativity in the library.

I have never seen a vagina collage before, and honestly hope I never see one again. I am using this blog as a form of therapy right now to purge the images from my mind. What on G-d's green earth was this man thinking? Or wasn't he thinking at all?

I then felt suddenly nervous that this man had scissors. Hell, I even felt nervous that this man had a glue stick. Luckily, my shift was over then, and I was able to escape, and to share the information with the rest of my disbelieving friends. A g-d damn vagina collage. *shaking head*

Now the best part of this post, I'm sure now to get lots of free text search hits for using the above mentioned words. Gosh, I just used part of my vocab from Foundations. Perhaps I don't need to study.......

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