Thursday, November 13, 2003

Don't Use the C Word

I have just come home from my class, and learned something that distresses me. I can't use the "c" word. Yes, my dream of becoming a cataloguer is shattered. The new techno lingo word is metadata specialist. I don't want to be a metadata specialist.

I have dreams of taking my business card out of a sterling silver, engraved business card holder. My card will say "Sotheby's, Head of Catalogues, etc", and go on to give the posh address of whatever big city with citizens who have prominent accents that I land in. Now, my card will have to say Metadata specialist? Oh, the tragedy. It makes me want to lift my hand to my mouth and let out a silent scream. Well, I do that anyway, its too boring to save drama for big occasions.

I know I advocate for the bun headed shusher to be locked in a closet, and perhaps left there with nothing but out of date waiting room magazines and a tin of stale biscuts. But some tradition needs to stick. I mean "cataloguer" just sounds nice, and you can spell it with that extra "u" that no one seems to use anymore. My goodness! Imagine if they change the word "auction house" to "second hand goods" I wouldn't like that either. But thats not happening, so I guess I shouldn't fret over that yet.

I couldn't help myself when I heard the phrase uttered in class today. "don't use the 'c' word". It inspired me to ramble even more than usual. Somethings are left best alone. Let sleeping dogs lie. I want to be a cataloguer, and I want to use the C word. Especially on my heavy ,cream colored, embossed ,cardstock business cards from Sotheby's.

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