Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ma Vie en Khaki

During all of my recent studying, I've found that most librarians are female! And further reading has rid me of the notion that all male librarians are gay. I haven't found any statistics about Jewish librarians, but when you roll all of those bits together (carefully...), you get ME! The Gay, Jewish, Male Librarian.

Yes, its true. So, you can stop inquiring quietly in your heads, pondering in your journals, and calling the local Cornell Cooperative Extension to ask them if this breed exists.

If dinosaurs could have written, archeologists would have a much easier time framing their lives up. So, in line with that rare breed that died out, I had better document a bit about me. Just in case something happens, like a comet hitting the earth, a tornado like they predict tonight, or the Gap going out of business.

I'd like to say that I come from a long line of Gay Jewish librarians, but I can't. I came from small town, Western New York, population 600 or so. Long way from a synagogue, a social life, and a Burberry outlet. My folks started getting divorced when I was about 8, and finished up in time for me to turn 13. I lived with my Mother, who is perfect and shiney and very very blond (thanks to a very good stylist). She is a social worker.

After the divorce, my mother and I moved to a slightly bigger town, outside of Rochester, NY. Here I grew into the prissy, perfectionist, type A of a person that you see before you (only now my nose is even more perfect, and I worked with a personal trainer). My mother and I shared a passion for gardening that has exisited in our family for several generations. Our gardening time became our bonding time, and was precious to both of us. We read voraciously so we had things to discuss, and at the same time allowed my passion for books and literature, and the arts to grow (see the patern? type a personality +loves books = librarian). Ok, so that equation doesn't work.

Then I went to college. I have an under grad in Art History (focus on Art Deco), and a minor in English Lit. Then I graduated, having experienced several lovely boyfriends (who Ironically have all been Catholic..hmmm). Now off to the work world. Auction house, then corporate library.

Speeding to the present, I am in grad school now. LISNews has quoted some of my writing, and some people are calling me a cranky librarian. I'd like to correct them, and let them know I'm a cranky GRAD STUDENT. Plus in real life I'm a bit high maintenance, so throwing me into the rough and tumble world of the public sector has been a small shock. I've already given up on manicures. Really. You should see my cuticles, they look as if I've been doing dishes without my yellow rubber gloves on!

Oh yeah. My life story. So now I am deciding what to actually do when I graduate. I'm thinking more auction house, less answering the question "Yes, Bootycall is available on DVD and VHS!" I'd kinda like to be able to dress up for work again, and go to lunch for 3 hours, and accidentally go shopping at Fields, and then meet friends for coffee. I want to live in a city where the Pottery Barn has more than one floor, and the Smith and Hawken sells more than just gardening implements.

In the mean while, this experience is shaping me into one hell of a person. I kinda care about people now. I am learning to deal with reality. And watching people love their jobs is refreshing. Don't get me wrong, I keep this site so that I don't say this stuff at work....I can't really go around telling people that they smell, and that they are idiots.

Will this dinosaur of a guy be forgotten? Perhaps I like the dearly departed Diplodocus (yeah, thats the dinosaur in the picture) I will be remembered. As a rare Gay Jewish Male librarian, I will strive to make a difference in the world of information storage, retrieval, and dissemination.

In the mean while, I will continue to make a difference in the world of patrons, who for all I know have never seen fitted pinstripe trousers, let alone a Gay, Jewish, Male librarian.

Last, I'd like to extend a thank you to for giving props to my bit o' blog on the net.

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