Wednesday, January 07, 2004

And Carpri's too!

Again, Im breaking my own rules by posting twice in one day, but I was reading my friend's blog and realized I forgot one of the latest and greatest new library rules put down in place at our library.

"No more talking about patrons at the library". Apparently that thing I learned in class about library assesment is real! Unobtrusive Assesment is what they called it in class. We are going to have "secret shoppers" in 2004. So, that means be extra nice to everyone, and additionally no tiddle taddle in the back room about the patrons.

For instance I can't mention that I saw a girl chatting on line, and abruptly log off and tell her other 12 year old friend "Ooh, girl, I had to shut it down, I told him I was 17".

I also can't mention that there is a bizzaro early 20's patron with a long pony tail that has been having clandestine rendez vous with a 70 year old man. (innocent? probably, but how fun is that?)

I also shouldn't mention that a patron smelled so badly the other day that I had to hold my breath, and walked outside to take a deep breath.

I also can't mention that we hired a new guy, and already patrons are confusing us with one another. From now on he can be called the "handsome new guy". Once the confusion stops, we can indulge in some serious re-appleation activities.

I have agreed that as long as we can't talk about the patrons at work, we will have to talk about each other. Its kind of silly. Teachers talk about students, cafeteria workers talk about food, mechanics talk about cars, why can't we talk about patrons?

At any rate, I did find out that I can wear three-quarter length trousers to work next summer. I figured if the women can wear capri's, I should be able to wear my Kenneth Cole 3/4 length trousers...n'est pas? I was advised that I'd have to wear closed toed shoes. Did they think I'd wear pumps with them? Oh well.

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