Friday, January 23, 2004

Corporate Domestic Goddess

If there is one thing I wish that I could be, it is a domestic goddess. You might exclaim "but you want to be a corporate librarian!". But I have to verbalize it to make it real. I realize the ramifications of all of this.

My maternal Grandmother (G-d rest her soul) was bascially, a domestic goddess. All 350+ tea totalling, cigarette smoking, snap front smock wearing, butter and cheese sandwich eating pounds of her were domestically enchanted. I remember learning to cook under her wing in the kitchen, learning that sugar, flour, eggs and butter were the staples of any good culinary experience.

And now, here in 2004, I have realized that I may be turning into a well-heeled version of my Grandmother. I start my day in the kitchen , putting on a strong pot of French Roast, having bagels with cream cheese, butter, and lox. I listen to the local classical music station-and hope for news of some local scandal, or news of a recent building development. When I read the newspaper, the first thing I read are the obituaries (despite the fact that I live in a state where I know nobody), and then turn to the police blotter in hopes of a scandalous revelation -that perhaps one of my neighbors has crossed the law. All the while, I'm feeding scraps of lox to my 20 lbs Russian blue, Moscow. I should mention that I am still in my housecoat and houseshoes, yet my hair is already styled.

In 2004 the desire to be a dometic goddess is a tough realization. Its almost like deciding I am going to be the president of the United States...its a wish that only some can realize. Imagine waking up every day and getting to cook and bake scrummy food, pot plants, buy new curtains, and run the Hooover over well placed persian area rugs. This is the life. Something about leisure mixed with satisfaction-cum domestic accomplishment.

On Saturday, unbelievably for the first time, I came across Nigella Lawson's "How to be a Domestic Goddess" . I baked a loaf of rustic bread. I prepared a Sauerbraten , and enjoyed both in my posh Colonial India-inspired dining room, in the glow of a silver 5 branch candelabra. I didn't want to go to work the next day. I wanted to do it all again.

My question is this: Can I actually become a domestic goddess in 2004? Or are these images of the uber-housewife unrealistic in this day and age? Do these people actually exist? Did they die out with my Grandmother? Martha Stewart had to make her venture corporate to survive. So did dear Nigella. Does the corporate librarian wannabe inside me have the get up and go to merge the two successfully? I think so. I seem to have the spunk it will take. I seem to have the glamour that it will take. I seem to have the corporate bitch inside to make it real. The air of the seemingly carefree is actually VERY caculated. Who better to put these elements together than a librarian?

A MLIS, 8 years of library experience, 20+ years in the kitchen, an ability to accesorize with a crisp white apron over a french cuff shirt and dress trousers with out getting anything dirty seems to be the recipe for this merge of worlds.

Its time to mix it up kids. The 21st century is going to be the era of the Corporate Domestic Goddess. I'm going to start the movement. The next time you bake cookies, dress up and throw on an ironed apron. The next time you take a break, have a biscotti that you baked with your service cart coffee. Treat your kitchen like your office. Throw a fancy dress dinner party for no reason. Wear a tailored housecoat when you read the paper.

Moral of this blog: I'm taking Grandma Wanda into the 21st century, and I think its going to work out just fine. I think she'd be delighted, and trust me you, I am ALL about delight.

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