Monday, January 12, 2004

Faux Finish

So the "Tin Tin" has grown out, and I've decided what will look best know is something hip. I don't like the word "trendy" as nothing about libraries is trendy, but we do keep collections like "popular fiction" and "new arrivals. They do pass, and are replaced by something more current. In this mind set, I have decided that I am going to sport a "faux hawk". Many others have tried to explain it, but I think the best definition of it would be the preppy version of a mohawk. Its not something you'd expect of a librarian, but then again, am I something you'd expect of a librarian?

I was first inspired by Simon from Real World Paris. I though that it was cute, and looked slightly naive, but chic. I don't know if I'd like to think my librarian was naive, but I would approach a hot librarian. Plus, if I decide I hate it, I can brush it down for that "instant east coast" look.

On my final last semester, one of the questions was "what kind of librarian do you want to be?", and I'm sure the professor meant for us to write something in the essay like this:

I'd like to be a public librarian because I would like to help the general public solve problems and answer general knowledge questions.


I'd like to be a children's librarian so I can work with the most promising group of leaners.

I wrote:

"I'd like to be a non-traditional, stylish librarian. I want to shatter stereotypes of what it means to be a librarian -from appearance to performance. I hope to work in a corporate atmosphere, and make people realize that not all librarians are grey haired, sensible shoe wearing, bun headed shushers."

I'm not sure what the professor thought of that answer, but I did get an "A" in that class.

Patricia Neal said "I am a very stylish girl" and went down in history for it. ".I hope to be eventually noted in my biography as a "very stylish boy

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