Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Great Gatsby

If I can't have it in the library, I'll have it at home. My latest decorating scheme is to turn my place into an Old Boys club, a la turn of the century London. I've been told in the past that my home would make a Merchant Ivory set decorator weak in the knees, and following suit I've added a fabulous new piece to my home.

An italian leather sofa.

This picture is the sofa I bought. I have owned the chair and ottoman for a few years, but decided no good sex pot librarian should be without this tremendous piece of furniture. This will add to the ambience of my home, and help me least that was my mentale that enabled me to buy this, despite my finanical situation.

When I was accepted into grad school, my beloved choreographer boyfriend bought me a drop front desk that looks like a card catalogue. That is one of my favorite things. About a year ago, the antique store next door to my house (Brownstone Antiques of Clark Street) I found a set of Art Deco mahogany dressers with bakelite pulls. With all the book cases, and various other accoutrements ie an umbrella stand, a mahogany dining room table and china cabinet...the place is coming together nicely. I can't wait to buy a house! Then I can have my dream Gentlemans club (not the lap dance kind) library, complete with mantelled fireplace, and persian throw rugs.

My dream decor is sort of 1932, just inherited all of Great Grandmama's furniture. Turn of the century with modernity stopping at the pre-world war II doors.

At anyrate, Im as happy as a clam. Not that clams are kosher, but you get my point.

The moral of this post: Gay men can love leather without having handlebar moustaches and frequenting bars with the word "cub" or "bear" in them. And trust me, I've neither a moustache or do I frequent leather bars. Although I have considered one of these .

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