Thursday, January 08, 2004

Let's get it on

I look approachable, what can I say? While I was shelving some books by Whitman, an older gentleman walked over to me, and said "maybe you can help".

This is the conversation that ensued:

Hot Page: Is there a book you are looking for?
Older, balding, middle aged man: Yes, I am looking for some books on romance.
HP: OK, are you looking for poetic books, or the "how to"? (said with a smirk)
OBMAM: Well, see, here is the thing. I am trying to find a book on satisfaction, romantically, you know what I mean?
HP: Yes (knowing full well I am going to have to refer him to a librarian, but the conversation was moving so quickly)
OBMAM: You know, satisfaction of the woman, love makin', makin' her feel good, knowing where to carress her, where to stroke her, tender lovin' know? *raised eyebrows & soft voice*
HP: (still with the straight face) I hate to tell you this, but I'm only a tier one employee, I can't answer that, but I get someone who can answer that for you. Wait here, I'll bring him over.

BUT the only person on info desk was hip retro-librarian. In the cutest pink sweater in the world.

I said: HRL, is tall, book club discussion leader, plaid button down around?
HRL: He's taking a call in back, can I help?
HP: Well, I have a patron with a personal question.
HRL: OOh, a boy question? *big grin*
HP: Um, Yeah. *big grin* I'll go get him.

And so I did.

Well, he did help the patron. We learned about "obstacles in reference", but it was fun to actually see one come to life. Even if it was to help a patron learn some tender, love makin' techniques.

Moral of this blog: Always wash your hands after you shelve books on love making. I don't actually know if they are as "how to" as a cook book, but I do know I keep my cook book propped open when I am learning something new- and at arms reach. You can put the rest of this scenario together by yourselves.

I wonder if he checked out any Barry White CD's. Hmm. I'll never know.

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