Thursday, January 15, 2004

Math Schmath

The whole point of library school was no math. You never see librarians fervently writing down equations (unless perhaps they are balancing their cheque book) or wearing pocket protectors. OK, thats a lie. I've seen that. But my point is that librarians don't do math.

Why didn't someone tell me about this bibliometrics jazz BEFORE I started library school? And logic? WAHH! Comeon! I can't do this! I'm totally stressing out about my latest and greatest class. And it looks like there is going to be quite a bit of it as the semsester rolls on.

And statistics. Lots of them. This is a class on writing proposals, so I need to back up all my stuff. I know as a corporate librarian, someday I will inevitably have to defend my room of books and serials to a bunch of suited-monkies. This is a "life skill", I know. But its going to make me prematurely grey, and I am not an advocate of Just For Men . What to do what to do??? And there is no "after school help". We hit the floor running last night. We were talking about emperic studies, quanitative and qualitative stuff before I could raise my now famously unmanicured hand to ask a question.

And worst of all, its televised. 4 campuses at once. And I wore lavender. I should have screen tested first. It totally washed me out. I'll have to stick to greys and tans for the rest of the semester. And today, my boyfriend gave me the cutest sweater. A zippy, collared, and argyle on grey lambs wool. Now I can be styish while I fret. No one believes how delicate I am. And I really am. Just ask me, I'll tell you over drinks.

Moral of this blog: I don't need to be A Beautiful Mind , if I already have a beautiful everything else.

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