Thursday, February 05, 2004

Training Day

Today was a day thanks to these guys . 3 hours of Australian accents teaching me how to define my professional goals.

I got a little concerned when they had to do a "time lapse" in the video, to illustrate the fact that this takes hours to fill out. The nice lady in the video looked a little like an evil Connie Chung, and the man getting reviewed looked...well, lets say he looked like they didn't have much money in the casting budget.

So for fun, lets do a little evaluation of me, in my current job.


5-8 key areas of responsibility
1)shelving books on the top shelf
2)shelving books on the middle shelves
3)shelving books on the lower shelf
4)putting books on carts
5)taking books off carts
6)making sure all the spines of the books are even and neat
7)making sure all the books are in the right order
8)anything else anyone in the library, including the patrons, asks me to do

Then the 13 hour process of taking each one of those 8 key areas of responsibility ("not too many, not too few"), and talk about my goals.

That's the part I'm going to "time lapse".

Now an exhausted looking woman with feathered hair and an '80s shoulder padded jacket will shake my hand. (it did happen in the video, should I expect less?)

Did I mention I got lost on the way there? The thing about Ohio, its ALL express ways. You want to go to the grocery store, take the express way. Go to the gas station? Take the express way. Go to Library Training? Take the express way. A deep and heartfelt thanks goes to my dear Skull & Crossbones Cardigan for giving me directions before I left, and emergency directions while on the road. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. Needless to say, I got there. Almost late.

Good thing about being late: EVERYONE looks at you when you walk in. Eyecandy that early in the morning is a good way to start the day, that's what I say.

Moral of this blog: Down Under training videos are well worth a dramatic entrance into a room full of strangers.

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