Saturday, February 14, 2004


Valentines Day. Ahhh. For so many people, this is a day of let down, self-pity, 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's, and a copy of Steel Magnolias. That is sad. I for one lived through many single Valentine Day's (I can't say the same about the evenings) but I survived long enough to share todays Valentine's Day plans with you, my devoted reader.

Tonight I am going to see Dame Edna perform. Yes, the biggest and possibly scariest of all drag queens. My Grandmother asked me "WHO?" and all I could tell her was to imagine Bea Arthur and the Queen Mother being squashed together to form one person. I'm still not sure she understood me, but she got the point.

While I'm waiting, I have put a roaster chicken in the oven, complete with celery and onion stuffing. Fresh steamed greenbeans, roasted red baby potatoes, and for dessert, creme brule. If there are any vegetarians out there, well, be glad you're not sleeping with me. Or, maybe you shouldn't be glad you're not sleeping with me, but glad you're not eating chicken at my house. Much better. At anyrate, I'm sure my boyfriend is glad you're not sleeping with me. I'm probably glad too. However, Adrien Brody, if you are reading this, I can be single for one night.

We will be having an Italian chianti that I picked up at Cost Plus World Market today, and dining in my colonial india styled dining room, on vintage deco china (that I picked up at auction for a song!)

I will be wearing a pink gingham button down, with a pink tie and grey pinstripe trousers. Gingham and pinstripes should be left to the experts, please do not attempt this at home kids.

So, there you have it. Valentines day in a can. Mist it about your place if you are feeling lonely.

Moral of this blog: Single people can enjoy V-D too.

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