Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Information is everywhere in the library. Especially if you just want something as simple as a phone number, right? Yesterday, while doing my nosey rounds I noticed two girls standing in the computer area, next to the phone books. One of the girls was trying to find a phone number. I'll recount this for you:

Girl #1: Oh, this book is so big. I don't even know where to begin looking
Girl #2: Why are you looking a number up in the phone book?
Girl #1: I needed a number....
Girl #2 interupting: Girl, just call information and ask for it.

AND SHE DID. She whipped out her cell phone and called information, right there next to the phone book, right in the computer area. She got the number. But this raised several questions in my mind.

1. Why didn't she ask a librarian?
2. Why didn't she look it up on line? I know she can use the internet, she was chatting online a few minutes earlier.
3. Why didn't she look it up in the phone book?
4. Why don't we have a cell phone policy in our library?

It astounded me, to say the least. But maybe not too much because I just went into the staff canteen and laughed, before coming back out onto the floor, with a straight face. Well, as straight as my face gets. Why did she even come into the library? Did she want a quiet place to make a phone call?

Because I am a page, I can't step in and help the patrons. I'm sure it would have taken me less than 3 minutes to find the number she needed here. Or I could have flipped through the white pages to find it. Who knows. I hate seeing people waste perfectly good reference material. I should say I hate seeing people not know about perfectly good reference material.

Moral of this blog: Ma Bell is not a librarian.

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