Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Cultured Librarian

In an effort to keep my corporate glam and mystique, I find myself drawn to all the cultural events I can go to. Additionally, its fun because there is always a photographer at these events, and I like to know that the chances of me getting my visage tucked into the "arts" section of our daily paper or weekly reader are possible. Anyway, this was a really cool exhibit.

The evening started with tea from a really cool zen tea salon (pronounced Sa-lon, sounds as if the "lon" as if taken from Loni), and then the white wine came out from somewhere. After four glasses of wine, and tons of delicious little nibblies and canapes, it was time to have the guided tour of the installation.

The tour concluded with one of the most priceless moments in my brief history. The above pictured sculptures by Rachel Hecker ended the tour. One is called Sweet Mere. At any rate, an elderly women stepped into the exibit and began to pat the sculpture on the head-like she was killing ants. The curate almost had a coronary- and said "Ma'am! please step out of the exhibit! These are not meant to touch!"

The woman, who didn't stop touching it, said in simple terms "But it appeals to me." The curator assured her that it was very appealing, but she could not touch it. About a minute later, she stepped out of the exhibit, and left with her husband. I began to wonder what her behavior in the Louvre would have been like.

Imagine the curator there "Madame!Ne lèche pas s'il vous plaît la Venus de Milo!!". "But it appeals to me!"

Turns out that this woman is one of the big donors to this museum. Hilarous. Ahh, the rewards of an evening on the town. Guess money doesn't mean class.

Moral of this blog: While art may be touching, do not touch the art.

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