Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Fairy's Tales

I would never actually complain about working in a public library. I enjoy sharing my escapades with my dear readers. This story is actually classically inspired, with a twist.

About three days ago, I was working behind the desk when S&CC asked me if I would help a little child at the computer. She was way too young to be using it, but her mother had better things to do, like chat online, then to monitor her child. So I went over to help her.

She had managed to shut the computer off, by pressing the reboot button. So I turned it back on. Then I knelt down to help "little child" pick a program. This is when I felt the wet.

The entire knee of my grey flannel trouser had soaked up what ever fluid was on the floor under "little child". I went back to the restroom off the canteen, and applied a wet paper towel to it. Then I dabbed at it with a dry one. At this moment, I was certain that the child had emptied her bladder right there on the floor-just so I would kneel into it.

This was the child's plan all along. To pee on me.

I was advised a while ago, the day I was hired actually, not to "dress too well" as you never know what the day will bring. I was thinking dust, or perhaps a little toner on my cuff. Certainly, I never guessed I would be the poster boy for Urinetown.

And in my vain effort to gain sympathy from the rest of my staff, I was reminded that "I work in the public domain now". You know, never once in Corporate America did anyone pee on the floor? Then again, no one ever spit on the floor, came in unbathed, talked loudly on mobile phones, or pushed a shopping cart around.

Well, the mail guy did have a cart...but that doesn't count.

Oh, the joys of the public library.

Moral of this blog: Whiz kids should wear diapers.

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