Friday, March 12, 2004

Maybe I'm Next

I don't ordinarily write about non-library business in my life. But this is too fun. I wrote several weeks ago about wanting to be the next Corporate Domestic Goddess, and it seems my dream could come true. The Today show is having a contest, and I dear readers, am going to enter. This contest will allow me to show off my prowress in the kitchen, the garden, and in the home. I'm usually out of the house by 8am, but today, my schedule was a bit off...and when I turned the Today Show on, there was the offer. Had I been on my normal schedule, I'd have been dropping my boyfriend off at Grad. school, and then starting my normal routine of coffee and phone calls to Mom and Grandma. I'm taking this as a sign. Call me crazy, but I actually think this will be a lot of fun.

Now I'll be able to share my cufflink and dinner party dreams with the staff of the Today show. Perhaps that recipe for Grandma's stuffing, and my uncanny ability to force bulbs will actually pay for itself.

Moral of this blog: Embrace Today , you don't know what tomorrow holds.

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