Monday, April 26, 2004

Cardinal Rule

My dear co-worker SC&C is no longer with our system. She has left to persue other goals, and will be working with autistic children. She had a going away party on Saturday night.

One of my own personal rules is never, ever socialize with co-workers outside of work. Its more or less akin to not mixing my personal life with my professional life. I realize that this is an excellent time to make connections, mingle, and chat it up with people that could present new job opportunities to myself. Nevertheless, I do not socialize outside of work.

Instead, I tend to go out with friends that my partner and I have made on our own, leaving social ties behind.

It was a lot of fun to go. All the while in the back of my head I felt like I was doing something as bad as breaking kosher, or parking my car in someone else's space. SC&C is one of my dearest friends though, so it really softened the blow. I talked to my Grandmother about doing this. I talk to her every single morning while I take my coffee on the back porch. She agreed that sometimes breaking from tradition is OK, and that because SC&C was no longer going to work with me, it technically wasn't breaking "that rule", only bending it to accomodate the situation. Thanks Grandma.

At my OCJ, I didn't have to leave the office to socialize. We were an island unto ourselves. With a major rum company as a client, as well as a major soft-drink company...we never had to leave the office in order to get tipsy and have a little fun. Socialization was built into the fabric of my day. Now, in order to do that, you have to visit someones home, talk about non-work related things and give people a bird-eye (or cardinals eye) into your life. That makes me super

When I left at 10, SC&C gave me a hug good-bye. Out of all of this I have realized that I have made a true friend, and I am glad that I broke with this little sentiment. I know rules are meant to be broken, but when you have a type A personality, that can be rough. We agreed now that we no longer worked together, we can go out all the time and really begin having some fun. I'd let her into my world a few times before by sharing some personal things, which I normally dont' do. It's worth it. Grandma said "Good people are good people, snap them up when they come around". Now that's some good advice.

Moral of this blog: People who need people are indeed the luckiest people in the world.(good one Babs) I'll miss seeing you at work SC&C, but I look forward to the start of a beautiful, deeper friendship.

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