Monday, April 05, 2004

Happy Pesach!

I'm just waiting for the guests to arrive for my seder. The table is laid in vintage pink Taylor Smith and Taylor 'pink lace' pattern, and there are fresh pink and magenta carnations. The place mats are cream with light blue and white forget-me-nots embroidered into them. I think this may be my prettiest table for Passover yet.

I am also tired. I moved my shift up at the library today, and because the other page just retired, I am it. I have not eaten anything since this morning (my last bagel for 8 days!), and I am ready to get busy with this chicken and bottle of Mogen David.

Thank you to my readers for making my little corner of the web successful over these past 8 months, and even if you are not a little Heeb like me, enjoy tonight!

Moral of this blog: Manischewitz made a small fortune today.

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