Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Murder, He Wrote

I know you are all aching to know what has been going on in my terribly posh life.

In the style of all great librarians, I broke Passover early, so that I could keep ahead of the game.

Then this morning, whilel applying my pore concealer I overheard my news anchoress talking about a murder on X Avenue, in the Alley.

I ran in and looked, and thought, "G-d, that looks really familiar". Maybe I should have just looked out the office window to watch the broadcast. The cars and news channel 10 were right out there. It was the alley behind my townhouse. Apparently, some poor unsuspecting indegent person was clubbed over the head with a blunt intrument, and left in a dumpster two houses up, behind a large church.

So much for smancy posh neighborhoods. I called my Mother to tell her. In a true NY Mom way, she replied "Classy neighborhood you got there".

Despite wanting to try out my well rehearsed Murder She Wrote fantasies, I worked instead on my Bibliography power point presentation. It really is the dryest subject I have ever dealt with. I tried to make it humorous, but it strained even my supercomic genius.

Perhaps I should have joined both into one presentation Bore you to death Bibliographies . Catchy, eh?
Retro hip librarian suggested t-shirts that said "Dewey or Die", that would have also been a catchy title. I have a feeling that the person who got whacked was a patron. I hate to see circ numbers drop because of homicide.

I am still contemplating going to the crime scene and poking around, just to see if the coppers missed any clues, like footprints or a torn piece of fabric. They always seem to be lying about.

Alright, time to turn my thoughts to literature review as a library practice.

Moral of this blog: I hope I am not bludgeoned to death, and left in a dumpster. I'm imagining a heart attack during a rousing game of shuffle board.

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