Friday, April 30, 2004

Undercover Librarian

Now that I have completely given up hopes on becoming a cataloguer, living a glam life in a posh office I started thinking about other glam positions that I could have as a librarian. Then I started thinking-what about becoming a spy librarian? So I dug around a little bit and found this job .

Imagine it, me a real bonafide CIA librarian. Exciting right? I'd get to wear Dolce Gabana sunglasses, and live in D.C. That would be excellent. I graduate next year with my MLS, and I'll be plenty qualified, my history is as clean as, well, my townhouse.

I could do all sorts of research, and all the while seem unsuspecting, and very posh. I could live out my black tie party fantasies only now I'd also get to wear a button in my ear. Now thats a hot job.

I'm not exactly sure what drove me to want to become a librarian. It seems that lawyers, doctors, and movie stars would be the ones living the glam life that I want...but then again, I've wanted to be a librarian since I was 5. I've had plenty of time to figure out what exactly I can do to make this a sexy profession.

And on a lighter note, after next week...I'll be half done with my MLS, only one more year to go. My finals are next week, and I've been a busy boy. This hopefully will quell any ideas you had about where I've been. I have not started my covert excerises as CIA librarian yet.

Now I have to finish my cataloguing paper. And if you have any other fantasy librarian jobs I should consider, please tell me!

Moral of this blog: Someday I'll be the spy who loved you. And nobody can do it better. Take that Roger Moore.

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