Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Wedding Bells

This weekend my partner's sister got married. It was lovely and beautiful, and everyone looked devistatingly gorgeous. This made me realize what I am really missing out on. Its so beautiful, and I can't have it.

A registry.

So, when I went to pick up the platter at Macy's, I realized that I too needed something. So, for a special gift to myself and future generations, I purchased the ENTIRE service for 8 in Johnson Brothers "Old British Castles". The pattern is from 1928, and was issued in 1930, and its simply delicious. They are my new every day dishes. I did think of making them my new Passover dishes, but thats no fun. I wanted coffee out of a cup and saucer.

Now the only problem is, this makes my 9th full set of china. I have two china cabinets full, and all my kitchen cupboards, as well as some storage in the basement. And its not just china. Its lead crystal and glassware. And serving pieces. My Thanksgiving dinner is served on a full service of mix and match Amber depression glass. I really need to stop. Oh well. Someday. Plus it was on sale. Who was I to say no to that deal?

I realized that if I set up a registry, my entire family can send me the few pieces I didn't buy for gifts. Like the gravy boat platter, the milk jug, and the taureen, vases, and the like. Every year they have a new piece! Super! Its like my birthday all year round. And I can rest assured that even with out the sanctity of marriage, I'll have better dishes than most people.

Moral of this blog: If I can't get married, Im going to have EVERYTHING else.

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