Thursday, May 27, 2004

Asian Delight

Part of being a wannabe corporate librarian requires me to attend cultural events, and put in public appearances. Half the fun of this is receiving free tickets to attend these faux-gala events. Last night I was treated to two complimentary tickets to see Margaret Cho perform live. I am reminded of how glad that I am to be both "a gay" and a democrat.

Her schtick included several important points that I will share with you.

William Hung does not represent all Asian male perfomers, as they all do not have down syndrome.

Her mother knew she was going to have a heart attack when her lately acquired powers of astral-projection failed.

The funniest part of the evening was occured during her discussion about the "morning after pill". In regard to making the drug prescription only, she wondered if people though women couldn't control thier bodies. "So, whats up with this? Do they think I can't control my body? OH MY G-D! MY Vagina has gone wild!! I can't stop it! IT WANTS MORE!! HELP MY VAGINA IS OUT OF CONTROL!! It's like a Fox TV special, "P*SSY GONE WILD!"

I don't recall laughing so hard at any corporate function. She got in plenty of Rush Limbaugh drug jabs, and lots of GW jokes. She even managed to make a few well placed Pope jokes, and to ice it recounted the Bjork attack of reporter Julie Kaufman in 1996. Very hilarous.

All of this reminded me of what I miss about corporate America. PERKS. And lots of them. Free movie tickets, swanky caviar & champagne mixers, proximity to large shopping facilities, massive paycheques, and a reason to rock some cutting edge fashion. I also forgot until last night how long its been since I last had a really good laugh. Has all this grad school practicality turned me into the shushing bun-head I wish not to be? Not yet. I still have one more year to keep the professors wondering what their field is becoming.

And one other point of note: it seems that there is no longer a www infront of my blog address. Please update this on your "favorites" list.

MORAL OF THIS BLOG: A good sense of humor will take us far in our profession. Never forget to laugh, just try not to do it infront of the patrons.

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