Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Higher Education

First, apologies. It appears that my wireless technology will no longer allow me to access my blog. I have to actually connect the cable to my computer. Took me two days to figure this out.

Second, I have learned so much since last I wrote. My library mandates continual training for all employees. I finally was able to attend CLASS, something to do with customer satisfaction. Here I learned many things, things I've been writing about all along. For example:

1. You may encounter odorous customers. Do not point this out to them. If another customer tells you, please direct this to library management.
2. You may feel stressed. Take a one minute vacation.
3. If you are in a bad mood, fake it until you are in a good mood! (I did not add the exclamation point).
4. Screaming children should be dealt with.
5. Do not attempt to apprehend a library thief.

I feel with this knowledge, I am now a more valuable library employee. Who knew I might encounter "odorous" patrons??

Where shall I take my one minute vacation? And is it all expenses paid? Do I have to use vacation time?

I fake being in a good mood all the time. It does not put me in one later.

I deal with screaming children. The fun part was that it didn't say how. Perhaps this is left to our individual discretion. I vote for giving them Benedryl.

Last, I would never try to apprehend anyone. Not even if they stole my wallet. Do you know how hard it is to run let alone with an arm full of books? Besides, why run unless you yourself are being chased?

I'm sure there were more rules that stuck out in my bear-trap like mind, but those were the ones that amused me, and I tend to focus on what amuses me.

Speaking of which, we have a new page. I am actually training her even though I am a page myself. She is dillegent, and sweet. She's only 16 (isn't that a song?) and she is sooooo reserved. I have been trying for 3 straight days to get a belly laugh out of her. This is my new mission. Make New Page laugh.

P.S. I finished my first year of grad school. Im superelated.com. I even managed a B in catalogues. Who knew?

Moral of this blog: CLASS is in a class of its own.

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