Monday, May 31, 2004

Hollywood Librarians

With some rather fervent urging from my boyfriend, I was talked into seeing the latest world disaster picture The Day After Tomorrow . Of course I am always up for a date night, but I was astonished while watching the movie.

Librarians play a major part in the movie! And so does my one of my favorite library's.

If I were ever to become a public librarian, I would want to work for NYPL's Humanities branch at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street...where both Patience and Fortitude gaurd the doors of knowledge. This of course is where most of this movie actually takes place.

The librarians were not portrayed as bun headed shushers. Yes, they did wear glasses, but so do I on particularly "I feel extra-librarianish" days. They were portrayed as book lovers. OK, I admit. I am too.

Outside of some gratuitous book burning, which was obviously written in to test the strenth of the libriarans, the movie was a nice representation of good librarians. Keepers of culture, and doyennes of knowledge.

I jokingly told my boyfriend as we left the theatre "See, you have nothing to worry about. A NYer libriaran for a boyfriend. You're safe forever." While I seriously doubt I would have survived what this film played out for the characters is another story.

Moral of this blog: Libraries can survive flooding, flashfreezes, blizzards, and wild roving wolves. Just like a normal day.

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