Thursday, May 06, 2004

Shanelle #5

This morning while taking my coffee in my beautiful new Johnson Brothers "Old British Castles" cup and saucer, I noticed a piece of paper blowing around in my back yard. Of course, I picked it up and read it. This is what it said:

Let me get you're number. YOU IS SO DAMN FINE.

I go to XXX Middle School and Im in 7th grade I'm 13 yrs. Holla Back


It was written on the back of a flyer for "Uninsured Week", a festival to help the uninsured get insured. I don't know why it amused me so much. I guess it took me back to a time when I too passed notes in class. Never did they say anything so forward. My notes looked more like:


Do you like the outfit I have on? Circle Yes or No
Did you notice I am using new product in my hair? Circle Yes or No

So, I guess I have been my whole life. Is the fact that 13 year olds are trying to get some action a new thing or has this been going on for years? The other day at work, we were recounting how many "Freddy v Jason" movies DVD's had been stolen in the last month. This reminded the Other Handsome Guy that he got to first base back in the day when he went to see a Freddy movie.

My first base was my sophomore year of college. But it was worth the wait. He was pre-Med.

When I was 13, I wanted to be a librarian. Go figure. I gardened with my Mom, spent weeks on end at my Grandma's house, played with my Bassett Hound Shadow, and made fake radio programs on cassette with my favorite cousin (who happens to still be my favorite cousin). Sex never crossed my mind. Does single mindedness put us ahead in life? Is that why I'm where I am now? Or was it the overwhelming fear that not having a masters degree would keep me working in a subbordinate position my entire life...hmmm.

In reading my journal from 14 years ago, I have to laugh. I used it for my "research". There is a 21 page ongoing entry about Chinese Lanterns (Physalis alkekengi). It was my summer project to keep me busy. There is a similar one for Digitalis purpurea, or Foxglove . No mention of sex. Well, except for the one where I note that I "really think that my friend XX is cute, but I am probably just jealous of how he dresses."

Perhaps I am also inspired by Jennifer Garners latest flick. We just saw it the other night on a "date night" adventure. Ahh well. The innocence is gone now....

Moral of this blog: Shanelle isn't just a fragrance anymore.