Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Trans-Atlantic Librarian!

It has been one of my endevors to bring to you the most fabulous librarian positions in the world. I seem to have accidentally stumbled across another one. The fabulous luxery liner Queen Mary 2 has a library on board. A fully functioning, multi-language collection. And indeed, she carries the only full time, at sea librarian in the world. This means there I could be the next librarian onboard!!

Imagine ME, deluxe, posh librarian. 3 piece suit, with a mauve rose in my lapel every day. I could slip away and take cocktails in the Champagne Bar by Veuve Clicquot. Imagine wandering around the deck after closing, and hob nobbing with the trans-Atlantic passengers.

Here, finally dealing with patrons who are confined in luxery, reading and relaxing on leather sofas in a room filled with mahogany book cases, and lots of brass trim. Ahhh, such is the life of a 5 star Cunard Liner employee.

Moral of this blog: Finally, a Queen fit for a Queen.

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