Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Try ,Try Again

This one is for my dear friend who makes standardized tests happen.

Today a woman, probably 21ish...trampy, color in her hair that made her look even trampier...came over to the G.E.D. books. She was talking with Plaid Button Down Shirt, the Library Assistant. Let me recount the conversation for you.

Trampy GED lady: Yeah, this is what I'm looking for.
PBDS: Well, here you are..Petersons is good.
TGL: Nah, see, I had that one before.
PBDS: Well, this one here...
TGL: Yeah, I'll try that one. The other one..I'd do the questions and look up the answer in the back...and it always said I was wrong. I know I wasn't. I think they were typo's or something.
TGL: Maybe this one'll work out better. Thanks.

Moral of this blog: I'm sure it was the book that was wrong.

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