Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Be It Ever So Humble

Where oh where could the well dressed librarian be? I went back to New York, to renew my connection with my family. I learned several very important things.

1. The reason I don't go home is because its too hard to leave.
2. I am turning into my Mother.
3. I am day to my brothers night.
4. My cat Precious is very well at age 19.
5. I hate the director of my first library with a passion.

It was a matter of homesickness tied to the fact that I am a hopeless romantic. I like having coffee with my Mom, and enjoying much to much of a chain smoke. My mother and I took coffee in the garden every single morning, while planning next years garden re-lanscape...much as we did when I lived at home. What the hell does this have to do with being a librarian you ask? Am I supposed to wade through all this sappy shit to find some funny nugget? The answer is no. This all has a point.

This upbringing in dear old New York has shaped me into the person that you enjoy so much today. All of the Word Power games my Mother and I played from Readers Digest . All of the hours of making sad puns and playing games on words gave me my sense of humor. That along with Grandma Wanda's laugh. She's gone now (G-d rest her soul)..whom I would do anything to make laugh. Those efforts made me into the family comic, taking centerstage at every family gathering.

Then too the cat Precious. She was the first "person" I told that I was gay. She didn't even care, as long as I gave her more whipped cream, and butter. This must be the secret to longevity in felines. Dairy. Its a good thing. Even though she also eats her kitty food, I can't be upset that my pussy isn't kosher too.

I visited with Grandma L who helped pay for college, and financed my voyage across Europe in college. I would have stayed in youth hostels, only I was told that no one in our family would be seen outside a decent hotel. She told me that the only good fragrances were sold across a counter. I decided that meant only at department stores. Thanks Grandma. You helped me become prissy and refined my tastes. All decent building blocks for a future corporate librarian.

The director of my local library made me hate public libraries. Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying my "tour de force" in the public realm. Its fun. I'm dealing with people that will make me appreciate my future patrons even more. I did love the first library I worked in. It was devine, and built beautifully, although the "urban renewal" addition from the late 60's does leave something to be desired. And as much as I'd like to blame the ugly architecture on her devestatingly evil personailty, I can't. Sad too. Her husband is such a nice local politician. I've even been told her children are charming. Yet more proof that public libraries are capable of eating souls. OK, I made that part up, but it sort of sounds true.

Last, my poor misguided brother. Under all his piercings (I will lay claim to one, which I'll leave to your imaginations), and Telly Savalas shaved head, mulitple tattoos, and cowboy boots...he tries. I'm saddened to learn from my family that he constantly notes he's never done as well as me, to which I remind my family that I'm a childless gay Jew librarian. Doesn't seem to matter. I seem to be a local celebrity when I go home, which just makes my brother all the more angry. I did meet my nephews for the first time. I adore them, and they are really little precious kiddos.

I've wandered off topic. I'm glad I went home, and I miss them all very much already especially Moms, Grams, and Precious. One more year and I'll be the librarian you've all hoped for.

Moral of this blog: Whiskers on Precious, and white picket fences, Grandmas red lipstick and Mother's strong coffee.. these are a few of my favorite things.

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