Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dear Well Dressed Librarian

I would be remiss in not sharing with you the many questions shared with me over the course of writing this blog. I feel that by sharing these questions with you, you too can become a more graceful librarian, patron, and "person of the world".

Apparently, being the Well Dressed Librarian has inspired masses to inquire over dozens of questions, and of course being who I am, I am qualified to share this information with you, my devoted readers.

Dear WDL,
I was wondering what your position is on wearing white after labor day?
Lady in White

Dear LIW,
First, there are many factors to consider. Will you be getting married after labor day? Wearing white would certainly be OK, and put many of your wedding guests at ease- it will signify your chaste nature as well as hold with tradition. Secondly, if you live in a non-yankee part of the country (read as Back East) or a part of the country that it is forever summer (read Florida) this too is OK. Tropic climates practically beg its denizens to wear white. Its also advisable to wear white if traveling to places like Cairo and the Sudan, for photographic purposes.

Dear WDL,
How often should I moisturize?
Best Wishes,
Scaley and Dry

Dear SAD,
It is important to moisturize every morning after you shower, and I do hope my readers shower daily. I suggest something with an SPF of at least 15, and should be applied to your face, neck, and exposed arms. This prevents premature aging of the skin, and appears to make you glow angellically under proper lighting.

Dear WDL,
I am sick of reading all of your elitist and over the top gay agenda. Screw you and the horse you rode in on.

Dear Secretly Gay,
I am sorry to inform you that I am taken, and despite the fact that you obviously want to treat me like your personal sex pinata- I can not make exceptions to my monogomy rule. I however, am excited to hear of your fondness for things equine - I too enjoyed horseback riding when I grew up in the country side of Western New York. Alas, once my parents divorced I was no longer in a practical proximity to keep my hobby polished. I have however maintained close ties to my Nanny and her husband who helped with the gardening.

Dear WDL,
Have you ever considered the field of Art Librarianship?
Art Lover

Dear Al,
I have not put anything out of my scope yet. I am going to work on my practicum this Spring, and have been advised towards academic and coporate libraries. This would not rule out art libraries, museums, or auction houses. If anything, it moves them towards the top of my list. I can see myself moving towards this field, as my undergrad is in Art History, with a focus on movements occuring from 1850-1948.

I would love to dip deeper into my mailbag, and share my point of view with you. Perhaps I can provide you with more "Dear WDL'" in later posts. I am always here for my dear readers.

Moral of this blog: Q&A with the WDL is better than T&A anyday.

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