Tuesday, June 29, 2004

How can I help you?

I have been getting as many hours as I can, for income and stories to share. Below are a few of my favorite interactions with the fabulous community I work in.

Well Dressed CSA "Ma'am,have you used the self check before?"
Jovial Patron "Ooh, chile yes. I use it all the time"
*inserts card into reader incorrectly*
WDCSA "Girl, you are messin' this all up, give that to me"
JP *shoving me playfully, and exclaiming loudly* "OOOH! You are PRECIOUS"
When she left, she shouted across the library "BYE!", inspiring co-workers to ask if I knew her.

Lady with 32 kids "MY li-berry card has been lost and stolen"
WDCSA *thinkning I am glad you were able to track your card AFTER is was lost*
WDCSA "OK, lets get you a new card"
LW32K "Can't I just get videos on one of my kids cards?"
WDCSA "Do you have any of their cards?"
LW32K "No, look them up by name"
WDCSA*7 minutes later* "Ma'am, all of their cards are blocked due to overdue fees exceeding our limit, $7, $17, and $24"
LW32K "Well den, I want new cards for all of them."
I explained this coudln't happen until she paid all the fines off. She left in a huff.

Volunteen M "I'm surprised you still have any of these Madonna CD's, no one likes her since that incident with Brittany Speares"
WDCSA "Oh, you'd be surprised at how many people like her even more since then"
I was shushed by another coworker, who was smirking.

Girl named after a sparkling, french beverage at the computer station "HEY!! MY computer is BROKED!!"
WDCSA "Good going. You wrecked library property."
GNASFB "No I di'int."
WDCSA "Just playin'"
GNASFB, with an amused grin "You're funny. Now fix this."

Drunk Patron "I think I owe money on my card"
WDSCA "let me look up your account. OK, yes, you do. Would you like to clear your fine?"
DP "No, I just wanted you to know that I thought I owed money on my card"
WDCSA "Well, Thank you. Have a great day!" *toothy grin*
DP "Oh, you too!"

I really need to start writing these things down as they happen, as many are just to hilarious..but so numerous I forget them. The days behind the desk are so busy, they fly by. 8 hour shifts are gone before I know it. Its almost like I'm being paid to be entertained. 2 weeks down, and not one angry complaint. Thats pretty darn good.

MORAL OF THIS BLOG: Not even the Medici's have me on patronage.

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