Monday, June 21, 2004


Today was my second day on the front end of the library, providing customer service at its best. I was decked out in my best hee haw gingham red shirt, and of course, khaki's. Look good, feel good..thats what I say.

I also started answering phones today. Today a patron called and told me that he had returned 6 items in the book drop early Saturday morning. I'll recount the conversation here for your pleasure:

Well dressed CSA: "OK, sir, could I have your card number?"
Phone patron: "Hold on, I wasn't expecting that question. I have to go and find my pants. The wallet is in my back pocket."
WDCSA!"OK, I'll hold!"

I have nude patrons calling. That is not hot. Its not something I want to hear about, imagine, or think about! I do not need these visuals. I am delicate. I knew the job was demanding when I took it, but dealing with nude patrons isn't my forte.

A few weeks ago, we had a man come into the library, with no shoes or shirt on, offering fried chicken to the patrons. While extremely generous of him, it was not acceptable. We did have to ask him to leave. He didn't understand why. I think security helped him understand.

Moral of this blog: There is a time and place for everything. Please refrain from nudity in my library. Unless you are Adrien Brody. I'll personally cater to that.

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