Friday, June 18, 2004

The Trainee

Armored in only french cuffs, and trendy vintage cardigans I boldly went where I'd never been before. Main Library Circulation. I fully anticipated questions that would require bespectacled specialists to pop out of the back rooms, but alas, this doesn't happen. They train me to deal with everything from card fraud to FBI record requests. I wanted so badly to come to you with rousing horror stories of how complicated things were for me this past week. Instead, I actually really enjoyed myself.

The cast of the Main Library is incredible. This is where I've been training...away from my sweet little branch on the north side of the city. I did notice that people that come to the main library are much more posh, and well dressed than the folks I've been coming across at my "home branch". Perhaps now that I am fortressed behind a desk, I don't get to see as many of the locals as I once did, when I was the roaming and eagerly evesdropping page.

One fun thing that I have learned, the "TRAINEE" badge that I wear saves me from almost anything. Its like a forcefield that permits me to make egragious mistakes, and no one cares. Well the patrons anyway. I can work slowly, which they read as carefullness. I can make mistakes, which they read as "new on the job". Plus this has given me an opportunity to schmooze with the patrons on a level that I never knew I was capable of. Sometimes my smarm is so thick I couldn't even cut it with a good knife. I'm tempted to say "come back again" and wink, but just incase they have developed a deep and lustful passion for me, I refrain from such behavior. You never know what patrons will do to hot employees. Especially one that appears to be wet behind the ears.

Today is my last day of training. I leave in about 10 minutes to embark on this last day of my voyage in Main Library land. Tomorrow I hit the floor running at my homebranch, where I can wield my new skills as the well dressed customer service associate. Funny to think, but this time next year I'll be a full fledged librarian.

Moral of this blog: Customer service is sexy.

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