Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A bird in the hand

I have never used this space to reflect anything other than personal beliefs, so it is with great pleasure I also add to it Librarians Against Bush . Now, perhaps you are secretly snickering to yourself..and reading double entendre into this...thinking that I perhaps would suggesting reading about "Librarians for brazillian waxes"..but that is not the direction I am going in at all. This is a pure and simple political statement.

A few months ago, and perhaps this shows my public library experience has had some impact on me, the FBI pulled library records for one of our branches while investigating a suspected terrorist. Protocol was sent out to all of our branches informing us on "FBI ettiquette". Even for a patron I hated, I would not give up their records. Our system deletes the patron record as soon as their materials are checked back in, effectively making us unable to provide such records. If the patron does have materials out, that is another story. All I would have to do is press print. But I wouldn't. I'm a rebel AND hot. Who knew?

While I am not encouraging any of you to vote for Kerry, as I will... I am simply encouraging you not to vote for Bush. But do as you please, its only our privacy at stake. Please pronounce that prih-vih-cee.

And last but not least, more sacrilege because I think its funny. I want this, and think I would look rather lush in pink.

Moral of this blog: Barbara Bush. Neither Barbara nor a bush. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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