Thursday, July 01, 2004

Introducing Moscow

Everyone loves Moscow. It's just a rule. No one has ever disliked my cat. Maybe its because she is the only 20.5 lbs Russian Blue that anyone has ever met. Perhaps it is because her name is so alluring. Perhaps it is because every well dressed librarian should be the parent of a pet with as much character as himself.

Moscow was adopted, along with her sister Sophie (who will merit a blog another day). I renamed her, I think she had been traumatized with her old name, and under my good care, literally grew into her new monicker. (and yes, monicker can be spelled with a 'c'. She is in robust health now, and enjoys a steady diet of weight loss forumula, which seems to do nothing for her.

When people come to visit me, the first thing they ask is "Where is the Mama?" That too has roots. Once upon a time, when living in Chicago, a very sexy and well formed young Moroccan came to fix the furnace in my apartment. After a conversation in French with this strapping young repair man, I conveyed to my partner, who was becoming jealous, that Murat wanted to know when Moscow's kittens were due. I had to inform this fine West African that she was not preggers, just big. Thus, the monicker Mama was born. No one questioned her matronly status when we actually called her Mama.

Right now, Mama is sitting next to me while I take my coffee, as she does every morning. She is absolutely devoted to me. She sleeps next to me, and waits out side the powder every morning while I ready myself for yet another day. This picture is my favorite. She was sleeping on the chair in my home library. These were in the days when I had the room painted a deep burgandy. It is white now. What the hell does this have to do with being a librarian? Stop being impatient and I'll tell you.

A well dressed librarian needs to be rested when returning to work. Its really about details. At work you get to see French cuffs, and cuff links. At home you get to see a vintage smoking jacket, slippers, and a gorgeous Russian Blue. She makes the circle complete. I felt I needed to introduce you all to her, because if you don't like my pussy-I don't like you.

Moral of this blog: the former USSR's best exports?: caviar, Stolli, and of course, Moscow.

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