Friday, July 09, 2004

Off To the Windy City

I'll be off to a wedding in Chicago this weekend, spending some time with my dearest friends in the world.

I'll be wearing bone dress chinos, with a crisp, white french cuff shirt. This is spiced with burgandy, chocolate and salmon striped cufflinks. I'll we sporting a Donna Karan salmon and burgandy striped tie completed with a windsor knot.

I'll be wearing a khaki and white pinstripe 3 button jacket, a black belt with a brushed nickel buckle, and black slides.

I was sad that I was unable to find a straw boater to complete the entire "summer wedding guest" look. Jay Gatsby would have been proud. If he wasn't dead in his swimming pool.

Moral of this blog: I hope people eat the wedding cake and not me. Mmm. Delicious.

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