Friday, July 23, 2004


I am blogging to you live from Chicago, while I take coffee in my dear friends sun room. Flying to Chicago has never been such an ordeal. My flight was supposed to depart last night from the almost square state at 7:55. I left at 11:15...but don't forget...I arrived 2 hours early for my flight. (for security purposes). So, I spent a grand total of 5.15 hours in the airport...almost enough time for me to have DRIVEN to Chicago from my locale!!

Anyway, I'm here now. Today is going to be full of seeing my gorgeous friends, sipping chilled beverages and eating sandwiches on the beach, and seeing some modern dance. Not your cup of tea? Well, your not here. You read this to live my fabulous life vicariously anyway. Maybe.

The modern dance performance I'm going to see tonight is funded by a CAPA grant...which is a really big deal here in Chicago. My boyfriend is a guest artist, and he's brought along 4 other people to perform with him here. Its amazing. We are staying at our friends vintage condo, which has been gut rehabbed and furnished with fine family pieces and well chosen antiques. I do covet the persian knot rugs in both the livingroom and dining room. I have to admit that.

I am off to make myself look impeccible for the beach. My Burberry box cut bathing suit has been crying for me to wear it. Watch out Chicago.

Moral of this blog: Knot rugs. There a good thing.

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