Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Ahh. The joys of homeownership. Before any of you get too excited, I have not purchased a home. My Mother has bought back the house I grew up in.

About 7 years ago, my maternal Grandmother, G-d rest her soul, became very ill with cancer. My mother gave up everything, and put our house on the market. It was purchased by a very nice dentist, and his wife. They in turn rented our lovely home-with the carriage house and deul street access driveway. Sadly, both my Grandmother and Grandfather passed away within the year. My Mother lived in their house for a few years. She then moved into the city, and rented a small apartment.

An opportunity presented itself for my Mother to take back the property..fulfilling both my and her wish to go back to the house. Its a pretty little house, sitting on a quarter acre in the middle of the city. Wonderful historic provenace-owned originally by the man who sold land deeds to all of Western New York. Up until we moved out, we were the 4th family to have lived in this home since 1802.

The new owner rented the property. To a woman with complete disregard for history. She cut down two old growth trees- a 80 year old elm, and an 87 year old paper maple..both so large you couldn't wrap your arms around them. Why? They blocked her light. It wasn't her light to begin with. She had the carriage rock jack hammered out, and last, painted her name in white paint on a huge outcropping of rock on the property.

My mother did the walk through on the property yesterday...and called me. The interior of the house has been altered, one room painted orange, and purple carpeting installed in the master bedroom. The window surrounds have been painted black-and worst...the house smells like dirty wet dog. She said her heart dropped. Alas, mine joined hers.

She is a strong independent woman, who for the first time in her life has really reached out to me for help..and I'm hundreds of miles away. I want to come back and replace the 200 once manicured shrubs that surround the property...and repaint the house, and steam the living room floor...and I can't. Grad school doesn't come with vacation leave. Unfortunately, either does my job.

So for now, I am on the phone with my mother more than often..which is a lot considering how much we talk. I was going to send 2 trees as a house warming gift..only she is too little to plant them by herself. I'd have gardeners put them in, but I do not have a corporate job anymore.

I sent her flowers this morning with a cheery note. Everything will be fine, its just going to take time. Sadly, more than she anticipated.

Moral of this blog: If I had a hammer...I'd smack the bitch who rented the house

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