Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Spread 'Em

Ahh. Never a dull day at the public library. This weekend, while I was gone, apparently we had some fun.

A man wandered into the library wearing a white vest, and a navy blue head band, with a little kids Sheriff's badge pinned to his vest. He had hand cuffs (I totally just typed cufflinks) and a night stick tied to his belt. Because of course, this is exactly what police officers wear.

He attempted to evict all the librarians, in the name of the local police department. He really thought he was a cop. Scarey, yet HI-larious.com!! We called the police, and they told the man that it was illegal to impersonate a police officer. That's it. Didn't arrest him. Nice to know you just get slapped on the wrist for pretending you are a cop.

On another note, bloggers are finally getting thier own ! Lots of press attention right now, for the first time we are being given journalists credentials and being allowed into the Democratic National Convention.

I could kerry on all day about this, but in heinz site, that is probably a bad idea..as this isn't a political blog. Its a librarians blog.

Moral of this blog: call fo' police when faced with faux police.

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