Monday, July 19, 2004

Unacceptable answer

If there is something I do not understand, they are the words "not available". Everything is available, you just have to know who to ask.
SO, my dear readers...I ask you: Are there any rosarians among you?  I simply must get my hands on the Linda Porter Rose, described as "an especially large, unusually fragrant pink rose".
So far, all I have is the following:
"Linda Porter" bred in 1957 by (Pedro) Dot, HT, orange-pink. No vendors.
The other is "Mrs. Cole Porter", introduced in 1957 by Bobbink and Atkins, HT medium pink. No vendors."...which frankly is not very helpful.
This all stems from seeing De-Lovely last night.  Outside of my complete and total obession with this time period, I'm afraid I have become obsessed with Mrs. Linda Porter.  So of course, any help would greatly be appreciated.  As a fledgling librarian, I do not feel ashamed to network for help.  So, break out your Smith and Hawken finery, and get busy finding this rose for me. I'll simply wilt without it.

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