Thursday, August 12, 2004

100th post

Something special for the 100th post. More ramblings of my favorite person: me.

My birthday is coming up. In fact its the same day as Julia Childs. I'll let the librarian inside you do a bit of reference work to find that one out. Its almost fall. My favorite time of the year. I've started to sneak fall colors into my wardrobe.

Today, I'm going to wear the male equivalent of the sweater set. This includes a cardigan worn over top of a sweater vest. They must coordinate, or this could be tragic and look like you suffer from colorblindness or carelessness. Todays will be a lavender dress shirt, with a spice colored cashmere vest, topped with a butterscotch and spice cardigan.

You might wonder if this seems a bit warm. Considering the fact you can keep meat fresh on the desk at my library, the answer is no. AC stays on until it snows around here. Maybe that is exaggerating, but by shouldn't be surprised if I do.

So much has happened since I started blogging last October. I'd like to thank the folks who brought my tracker to 20000 hits as of yesterday, and I've attempted to give my site an RSS feed, whatever that means. Now, possible syndication? Fabulous. I've always wanted to be a slightly more blatant version of Miss Manners. I know its rude to be blatant, but isn't also true that we should ALWAYS tell the truth, and that infact sometimes the truth hurts? I could give advice to the masses...imagine me standing Evita style...throwing words of wisdom to the faithful adherents of my ideology. The world would be prettier, and smell much better.

I look forward to another 20000 hits, another 100 posts, and graduating. Then this blog will really get interesting.

And on a side note, I've been thinking of putting a bit of navy blue in my hair. I saw a very well dressed woman, in a delightful wasp waist Dior-esque skirt while visiting Chicago. She wore red lipstick, and dramatic black thick sunglasses. Yes, I did walk up to her and tell her she was divine.

Divine people should always share this with other divine people. But the point is, her hair had a shock of navy blue in it. Short, Audrey Hepburn hair with a shock of navy. Just lovely. I need to be lovely too. Lovelier.

Now dear readers, I am off to work. Where in fact the staff latrine was out of service yesterday for the afternoon. Quelle funny coincidence.

Moral of this blog: Desk Set can inspire sweater sets. Watch out Bunny Watson.

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