Thursday, August 05, 2004

For future reference

The toils and tribulations of graduate school. First, I was signed up for a class that was capped, and I was placed 7th on the wait list. I was informed by the professor that he was infact "delighted to inform me" that the class would not be taking anymore students, and "good luck in finding another class." OK, move on to challenging option 2. Library Management, taught by one of the toughest professors in the system. She's AMAZING, don't get me wrong.

The phone rang yesterday at 2:12 pm, and I was informed that the professor had decided to cancel her managment class this fall. Great. Now I'm down to two classes, and will be considered by the Bursar's office as part time unless I get a third class on my plate. Mind you, 3 classes is totally full time. I'd even bought the book already from its not refundable.

So onto that third class. My advisor suggested I get my practicum out of the way this fall. That is fine...but the professor where I'd do it is on sabbatical!! Could I feel more frustrated right now? Probably, but that wouldn't make for a very dramatic post. When I claimed to be ready for "anything that comes at me" this is not what I meant. I thought I meant having to have a sports coat altered to two buttons from three, or skipping cocktails. I didn't know it meant intellectual stress!

I'm hoping to get this practicum. The woman in charge of it was my professor last semester for a reference course, and she ROCKS!! She even has a great haircut, and wears classy sunglasses pushed back in her hair. A true icon of library fashion. My kind, that is.

So, right now, I am a part time student with residency tuition. I'm riding the "freak out" train right now, and it doesn't look like my stop is anytime soon.

I am so bitter about this almost square state's library science program. They've really pulled a doozy on me...and as we've established I'm as delicate as an orchid. Even the wrong kind of lighting will spell my demise.

moral of this blog: Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a livin'...problem is, I'm only working 9-12. I'm not going to live!!

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